austen texas.

it’s been over a year since i had to write an academic paper, and i’m sorely out of practice.  a year of helping first graders with their homework probably hasn’t helped to hone my skills, either, since none of my seminars (as far as i know) will require putting three-letter words in alphabetical order and then using them in a sentence.

but today i cranked out a six-page paper for my jane austen seminar.  it may not sound that bad, but when you’re as unfocused and hungry for constant snacks as i am on a saturday afternoon, it’s quite the accomplishment.  so six hours, one hot dog, half an apple, a piece of pumpkin bread, a few potato chips, and some french onion dip later i have successfully formulated a thesis and subsequent paper about filmic translations and how they mimic text.

and that is all.  it’s really late, and i’m going to saw some logs.

three things i learned today:
1.  while large reptiles are probably not allowed on the houston public transportation system, it is a normal occurrence to spot a man standing on montrose with an enormous yellow snake with beady red eyes twined multiple times around his torso.  he apparently is a regular there.
2.  from justin to kelly is an absolutely horrendous movie that is absolutely fun to watch.
3.  one of the clips of cheney in farenheit 911 was filmed when he spoke at rice.


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