sunday should not be considered part of the weekend.

i’m trying a new look.  it’s kind of like TLC’s a makeover story, LJ-style.

the parties on friday night went pretty well, although i did get tipsy enough to have to hang out with people on campus until 9:00 or so, when i finally felt sober enough to drive.  marsha, who works in the english department office, is apparently famous for the clout of her margaritas, which taste deceptively mild.  they don’t tell the first-years such things.

i also went to the cheesecake factory with some other grad students, most of the computer-science variety.  regardless of geography, there is always a wait at the cheesecake factory.  and there is never a place to sit while you wait.  and this particular location, at the galleria, holds some fond memories of when my father and i were visiting houston and the waiter winked and gave my dad the thumbs-up.  apparently the waiter thought we were on a date, and my dad was a sugar daddy for some young vixen.  classy.  veeeeery classy.

i spent the rest of the weekend reading vanity fair.  curse you, norton editions with your extensive footnotes and bible-thin pages!  seeing the movie in lieu of finishing off the book is not an option because (a) we’re going as a class to see the movie to compare the two, and (b) i’m actually enjoying the wit and wiles of becky sharp as exhibited on the written page.  if it just weren’t so damn long

in other news, danny and i have been holding continuing negotiations on where we want to go for our honeymoon, which is far enough away that we have significant time to change our minds at least 34543 times.  we started off in hawaii, the traditional route.  it might sound trite, but it’s a tourist magnet for a reason.  and it has recently enjoyed stellar reviews from .  it would certainly afford many opportunities to loll half-conscious on a pristine beach sipping a blue drink decorated with a paper umbrella.  but lately i’m thinking flying to california and driving through the wine country in a rental car would be a fun (albeit expensive) way to go.  and somewhat reminiscent of our engagement.  my parents did the whole california thing a few years ago and had a great time.  other current contenders include bora bora (which is just so damn fun to say), st. thomas, and various places in europe (like rome or paris) that we haven’t really discussed and may not be able to afford.

well, it’s nearly 1 a.m.  while i don’t feel like sleep is coming soon, i should at least give it a try.

three of my favorite DC memories:
1.  eating hot dogs on the mall at the national kite festival with amy
2.  having dinner at the jazz cafe at the museum of natural history with danny, followed by episode one in the IMAX theater
3.  the fall 02 release party of amlit, of beta fish fame


3 thoughts on “sunday should not be considered part of the weekend.

  1. If you are thinking St. Thomas, also think St. Maarten – there is a Cook’s Tour episode about that island – so you would have some interesting suggestions for local eats.

    Also, for the rent-a-car tour of California vineyards – make sure you are not given a Chevrolet Cavalier for the rental car, as Allison and I had in WI. However I guess if you had one you would have ample time to see th vineyards, as it is about the slowest vehicle with 4 wheels I have spent any time in.

  2. Honeymoon in Vegas

    Just kidding. So you’re thinking something beach-a-licious? Bc a mediterranean (sp?) cruise could be cool. I’d suggest where we went on our honeymoon, but Montana doesn’t float everyone’s boat. The Canadian Rockies are cool-I say it doesn’t matter where you go as long as you have a jacuzzi in your room. I kid you not. We had forest fires. But we had a jacuzzi and I didn’t care what else there was to do. Become a human raisin. Sometimes it is just a necessity.

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