you’re a wizard, harry.

rice is a lot like hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.  to support my claim, i will draw the following similarities:

  • when undergraduates arrive, they are divided into colleges (or houses, if you will).  each of these colleges has a master, much like snape is the master of slitherin.  each college also has an undergrad-in-charge.  i don’t know this undergrad’s formal title, but the position is much like
    “head boy” of harry potter fame.  and these houses compete amongst themselves, most notably during “beer bike,” a spring event that involves chugging beer and speeding around a bike track.   there are nine colleges instead of four, and the names aren’t nearly as interesting as hufflepuff or ravenclaw, but the crests that represent each of these colleges look surprisingly wizard-y.
  • there are owls everywhere.
  • there is a subtle, unstated muggle-wizard divide.  one one side of campus’ inner loop you’ll find the bioengineering, computer science, applied science buildings.   these buildings hold the wizards, who are greater in number and seem to hold a slight disdain for the muggles, who inhabit the humanities buildings.
  • the business building (or the “deathstar,” nicknamed as such because of its sheer enormity), would be the equivalent of gringot’s, the wizard’s bank.  it is absolutely enormous and exists because the business people have a lot of money.  while it is frowned upon to wander its halls if you aren’t a business major (much as it is frowned upon to wander through gringot’s without an accompanying gringot’s-dwarf), i suspect that it is full of dank, serpentine tunnels leading to impressive, heavy-doored vaults.

coincidences?  i sincerely doubt it.  in fact, i’m thinking that my methodology class is going to evolve into a potions class soon.  and that suits me just fine.  learning how to brew up a drought of invisibility serum is probably easier than discussing derrida’s critique of austin’s presentative/constative discourse.

i’m off to an evening of debauchery at valhalla, the grad pub, sponsored by the alumni association.  then i’m going to drink margaritas and eat tacos with my professors at the english department kickoff party.  is getting tipsy around those who control my academic destiny a good idea?  let’s find out!

three things that i find completely absurd:
1.  last time i went to baskin robbins, they certainly did NOT have 31 flavors.  notably missing were chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.
2.  until i bought a new parking pass this afternoon, i was paying $60 to use a parking lot where visitors can park for free.
3.  fanny packs.


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