you know the drill.

my drill experience lived up to my expectations, and i have successfully installed two shelves and four shadow boxes on my living room wall.  they seem to be holding up well, and there are only three superfluous holes in my wall.  fortunately, these are not visible while the shelves are installed.  i’m going to forget they exist until moving-out time.

i got an email from danny today.  they’ve closed off the footpath to the chow hall because a mortar landed in a canal there.  in addition to sympathy for the inconveniences of walking the long way to get mediocre dining hall hamburgers, i’m feeling a little bit of anxiety.  this is the second mortar in less than a month to land way too close to his “hooch” (translation: trailer where deployed soldiers live).  he needs to get his ass back states-side.  september 2 was his six-month mark, so hopefully he’ll be home april-ish.

as i learned from my friends who braved graduate (and law) school before me promised, nothing can make you feel more single than higher education.  everyone is married or living with someone.  the funny thing is, i’m not even single.  but while everyone else in my professional methodologies seminar takes off at 5:30 to enjoy spaghetti and meatballs with their significant other, lady-and-the-tramp style, i’m going home to nuke some mac and cheese.  very depressing.  while i’ve dealt with the long-distance thing for about five years now, it’s probably bothering me more now than it ever has.  probably because the end is in sight, it just won’t come fast enough.

but enough of that out of me. 

in cheerier news, i stumbled across an hour-long block of the wonder years tonight.  i love the wonder years.  it is truly a stellar show, even if it does seem much sappier and contrived than i remember.  btw – in search of the wonder years link above, a ran across a fan site for danica mckellar, or as we all know her, winnie cooper.  apparently she’s the voice of jubilee on the x-men legends video game, to be released in fall 2004.  good to see she’s still in the game.  literally.

in commemoration of tonight’s encounter with kevin arnold, i present:

five shows that merit late-night marathons (MSCL and felicity obviously outrank all these):
1.  of course, my so-called life.  jordan catalano.  in the boiler room.  mmmmmmmm.
2.  another obvious, felicity.  quite possibly the best show ever.  and scott speedman.  mmmmmm.

3.  life goes on.  vintage kellie martin, pre-lifetime movies where she murders boyfriends.
4.  punky brewster.  and holy shit, you can buy it on amazon!  save your pennies.
5.  and, it must be said, dawson’s creek.  it brings me back to the days when i lived for homecoming dances.


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