when good power tools go bad…

i spent $100 at target today.  very very bad.  but i feel like i got a lot for my money…  two complete sets of towels, glass cleaner, face moisturizer, two crown-moulding shelves, four shadow boxes, and… the piece de resistance…

a drill.

i had a moment of girl power as i lugged the black and orange case to the register.  i felt the power of the drill vibrating in its box.  it has the power to hang my shelves.  to build my furniture.  to seriously maul the creamy, virginal walls of my new apartment.  i felt like she-ra.  like wonder woman.  like jem, lead singer of the holograms.  i own a drill.  shuh-BLAM.  a drill.  mwah ha ha ha ha.  i am officially a kickass, get outta my way female.

the drill is currently charging on my kitchen table, quietly humming to itself and waiting to be unleashed on $8 target shelving.  it looks vaguely bestial.  it seems to smirk in quiet anticipation of tomorrow’s construction.

i like the drill.  i respect the drill.  i will provide a drill update tomorrow…



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