have you evahhhhh seeeeen the raaaaain

it’s raining so hard right now that i think i just saw animals walking two by two to the astrodome

while getting skylights in the kitchen and bathroom was certainly considered a plus while i was browsing apartments, the incessant clatter of a thunderstorm resounding from my ceiling is a little disconcerting.  and apparently this is only the beginning.  i overheard a world-weary rice undergrad talking about our recent thunderstorms and telling a vulnerable freshman, “oh this is nothing.  just you wait until the real rain comes.”  i never thought of texas as a particularly rainy place, but the weather here is volatile.  it’s so humid that once and a while the air just gives up and lets it pour.

but enough about the weather, quite literally.

i received a phone call last night letting me know that i got the job as editorial intern at feminist economics, a journal headquartered at rice.  while initially i was a little leery about taking a job on during my first semester at grad school, this seems like a great opportunity.  it’s only 10 hours a week, but it’s $15 an hour, which will soften the severe throttling rent usually inflicts on my bank account.  plus it’s a well-known journal among feminist circles (and economists, unfortunately).  they publish a lot of manuscripts on single motherhood and other subjects concerning maternity, which dovetails well with my interests in english.  plus copyediting for two hours a day will sate my inner journalist.  i’m also hoping the position will help demystify the land-o-the-journal, a cold and vaguely malicious territory where graduate students imagine demons rejecting even the most well-written academic treatise.

in any case, work starts monday.  i guess i’ll find out.

i was actually talking to this afternoon about our mutual desire to do a little freelancing in the magazine world.  i’m thinking of calling on my contacts at charlotte magazine and querying them about a feature on my experience with americorps.  it never hurts to ask, and i think it would force me to reflect on my year in service, something i feel like i have yet to do effectively.

well, i suppose i should go reenter the world of jane austen, where i remain hopelessly smitten with willoughby from sense and sensibility, despite the fact that he is a horrible horrible person.  er, i mean character.

but before i go, i will leave you with a humorous blurb my dad sent me from the charlotte observer:
“If only our paper could entertain readers with wedding announcements like this one, spotted in the Richmond Times-Dispatch: ‘The double-tattoo ceremony featured the bride escorted by dancing woodland fairies and other forest beings.  The groom was followed by frolicking elves.  Ceremonies ended with a burning of the groom’s interactive sculpture, The Swirling Cosmic Mystery.‘”

three things i have recently learned:
1.  diane arbus is a very cool photographer who should partner up with ray bradbury.
2.  when pugs are sleeping or scared, their tails uncurl.
3.  many delicious dishes can be created using a packet of lipton’s onion soup mix.


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