let the madness begin!

i’m starting to wonder if anyone lives in my apartment complex.  there are cars in the parking lot, but i rarely see anyone.  there are two regular players thus far:  the girl who lives directly below me (i see her a lot because she’s always outside smoking…  very nice girl), and a relatively attractive and very muscled black guy who i’ve seen walk into the courtyard wearing only a towel.  which is sketchy.

i really don’t mind.  it’s quiet, and in most cases i try to avoid interaction with human’s i don’t know too well.

so today is the first day of classes.  my only class is at 2 pm.  and, in fact, my 2 pm class is my earliest class.  i would say i’m nervous about my first graduate seminar, but the class i’m going to today is actually an upper-level undergrad class on jane austen.  my instincts tell me to not to fear undergrads, but all my professors speak of them as if they’re an alternate species.  when i asked my jane austen prof what supplemental work would be required to make it a grad-level seminar, she said “oh no.  it’s more than enough work already.  rice juniors and seniors might as well be grad students.”


nonetheless, i am not at all ashamed to be taking this undergrad course.  it sounds really awesome.  we’re essentially reading everything that jane austen ever wrote, including her childhood fiction (i know most readers would drift off into a coma, but i’m into it).  we’re also watching film adaptations of her novels, including clueless and bridget jones’ diary.  plus the professor is a relatively important person in victorian studies as well as the co-founder of a certificate program i’m in, so it’s good for everyone.

tomorrow the actual grad seminars start, beginning with 19th c. british fiction.  judging by the number of novels i had to buy for that class, i just might die.  in spite of this, i’m excited.  i’m also planning on taking a seminar next year called “the long victorian novel.”  i guess i’m a glutton for punishment. 

in other news, i got a copy of maxim in my mailbox yesterday, the residue of a subscription of the previous resident.  i gave it a once-through, and i have to say the blatant lewdness is a little refreshing.  one of the teasers on the cover reads something like this: “the 10 best sandwiches: mary-kate and ashley not included.”  i’ll refrain from any comments on the impropriety of comparing an anorexic girl and her twin sister to a sandwich, because i must admit i chuckled.  there’s also an article on the hundreds of ways you can die during everyday life, such as being wounded by a clock or cardboard box.

well, i suppose i should get to campus.  i’m trying a new route today to avoid 610.  hopefully it’ll be a little less stressful.

three things that will undoubtedly lead me to procrastinate this year:
1.  three letters.  T.  L.  C.  why read dickens when you can watch a makeover story?
2.  valhalla, the grad student pub on campus, has beer for under $1.
3.  i can walk to target.


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