messing with texas

the positive thing about having no avid readers of your LJ is that no one cares when you don’t update for, say, almost a month.  but i’m back in action, just like spy kids or whatever that movie was.

i’m also in houston, texas, about to start my first semester as a first-year Ph.D. student at rice.  i have endured a move across the country, following a u-haul that can’t make it past 64 mph, and two days of orientation.  i have also spent $180 on books for one class, which sucks for me and especially  my meager bank account.  unfortunately, not everything’s bigger in texas.

on an up note, i have found that although my apartment is not in walking distance from campus, it is in walking distance from the galleria and sundry retailers and restaurants that mock my poverty.

but i really do like the apartment.  the complex is new orleans style, like many things in houston, which means that it’s made up of many three-story brick buildings, each a small box around a pool and a courtyard.  it’s quiet and has character, unlike every apartment complex in charlotte.  this is the first time i’ve ever lived alone, which is awesome and a little scary at the same time.  but i have a sizable stockpile of mac and cheese, the internet, and a washer dryer, so i think i’ll survive.

classes for the semester, unfortunately, are still up in the air.  i have only one required class — professional methodoligies — in which we will discuss academia and how crappy the market is for english professors these days.  i’m also taking nineteenth c. british fiction.  the third course is up for grabs between a jane austen class and liberalism and american lit.  i plan on sitting in on both this week to see which i like better, but i’m leaning toward jane.

well, i probably could write for pages, but it’s dinna-time.

three interesting houston factoids:
1.  seventeen rhode islands could fit inside houston.
2.  the houston yellow and white pages comprise five volumes.
3.  there are more restaurants per capita in houston than anywhere else in the U.S.*

* this may or may not actually be true.  i heard this from a fellow student.  however, since i am no longer a student of journalism, i feel no need to fact-check.


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