i got my baby back. barbecue sauce.

danny arrived safe and sound in the states.  woohoo!  we partied like it was 1999 in charlotte wednesday through sunday, and now i’m back at work in chapel hill while he plays golf with his dad in charlotte.  bah.  he’ll be coming up wednesday night, but until then i’m left to procrastinate at the office, doing such things as IMing with erin and posting to my LJ.

my strategic plan to stand behind his mom at the airport so she would get the first hug was totally foiled.  we were watching for him in the wrong direction. 

but it’s great having him home.  we’ve been doing the norm.  we saw spiderman 2 (which i feel lukewarm about, just like the original).  went to southpark mall.  made fun of people while buying my new chair at pier 1.  i’m looking forward to bringing him into the office and then into kentwood on thursday so he can actually see what i’ve been doing for the past year.  on the whole i’m just glad he’s safe in the US, even if it’s only for a few days, and away from any situation that would call for him to drive through a minefield (a story he’s shared since he’s been home… yikes).

on thursday and saturday we went and saw andrew, my nephew, who is still cooped up in the hospital because he was born so early (he was due in early july and arrived in late march).  i wish i had the capability to post a picture here, something i haven’t yet figured out, because he is seriously the cutest kid ever.  he’s doing pretty well now, and they’re hoping he’ll be out of the hospital on wednesday.  he looks absolutely enormous in the progressive nursery, since he’s 7 or 8 pounds and all the other babies are about 2 pounds.

well, it’s almost quittin’ time.  i’ll probably be updating more once danny’s back in iraq.  then i’ll have way too much time on my hands, just sitting around waiting until i head to texas.

if i had a million dollar shopping spree, i’d be pumped to hit up:
1.  pier 1 imports
2.  ann taylor loft.  like their clothes and could buy more than i could at ann taylor.
3.  the grocery store

three shows i loved as a little kid:
1.  full house.  after all, bob saget is god.
2.  reading rainbow.  anyone else miss levar?
3.  fraggle rock.



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