harold and kumar go to the garner civitan club

harold and kumar go to white castle is not a movie i would normally be compelled to see. but after brian’s charisma about it, i’m strangely intrigued. i think i’m going to take danny on a dinner-and-a-movie date while he’s home from baghdad on leave, and i’m pushing for harold and kumar.

then again, i don’t think i currently hold movie-choosing rights in our relationship, since i’ve picked a few bombs. one hour photo. bah. the hours. bah. but every time danny tries to invoke his right to choose the movie, i remind him that daredevil was HIS idea. and boy did that suck. i’m just glad he didn’t make me go see the hulk. although after troy i do have a new love for eric bana

so last night i went and spoke to the garner civitan club about volunteering with communities in schools. those presentations are usually pretty anticlimactic. there are a lot of members who are pretty old, and many of them start to snooze after about five minutes. i guess i’m not a very intriguing speaker. and then there’s always one older gentleman who was obviously really good-looking in his day. he always calls me “that pretty lady” and hugs me a lot. if he were younger it might be creepy.

but all was well, because i had a great afternoon with my kentwood kids.  we played addition and subtraction bingo for, like, 2 hours.  and when someone won they wouldn’t want to stop the game, so we played the kentwood version.  that is, we waited until everyone’s card was completely full.  good times.

well, i need to head out and check out some warehouse space on saint mary’s street.  i have such an exciting life.  i think afterward i’m going to go to eckerd and pick up some of those crest whitestrips to try out.  has anyone used them?  do they work?

anyway.  to close.

three things that scare the poo out of me or otherwise make me uncomfortable:
1.  large things in the water, including sharks, whales, some seals and fish, and unusually giant jellyfish
2.  throwing up in public places
3.  select species of insects, namely daddy long legs and cockroaches

three of my favorite restaurants:
1.  the village tavern in charlotte
2.  flattop grill in dc
3.  mimosa grill in charlotte



3 thoughts on “harold and kumar go to the garner civitan club

    • boo!

      actually, i think flattop DID close, which makes me want to scratch someone’s eyes out. yet it is still one of my favorite restaurants in spirit. maybe i should replace that one with cafe luna off dupont…

  1. you have now been mutually added to my friends page – welcome!

    in charlotte I would also recommend Mama Ricotta’s ( Kings blvd ) for good Italian food (still kinda American-Italian, but good)

    and the Waldhorn (waaay out south blvd kinda near carolina place) for good German food

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