victory over ants

i am typing this update on my brand spankin’ new laptop. hotness. it has seven times more memory than my last laptop, but i’ve had that one for over five years. so observe the fruits of my labor on the new hotness, folks.

i had a good weekend with my parents, despite the fact that it was oppressively hot the entire time (every time i think about complaining about the heat, i remember that it’s 120 degrees in baghdad every day now, and danny has to walk around in his camo and kevlar). we went to the angus barn as planned. i loved the atmosphere. only in north carolina can a restaurant that charges $25/steak sport antler chandeliers. and there were many unusual perks… homemade crackers AND bread AND a relish tray as free appetizers, as well as apples instead of mints on your way out. plus they served biltmore as their house chardonnay, which makes me all nostalgic. overall, though, i think i like ruth’s chris steakhouse better, despite it’s chain status.

other than that we didn’t do much. we did go grocery shopping. one of the many perks to having your parents visit.

on a victorious note, i celebrated a major victory this weekend. there had been a smattering of ants marching around my kitchen sink for a few days. these ants were truly evil. they resisted by spraying for quite some time. but finally – i hate defeated the ants! i think i deserve an ice cream sundae.

well, i can’t think of anything interesting to say. so i’ll end with…

three places i need to go before i die:
1. mont-st-michel
2. maine
3. the great wall

three CDs i own, and you probably don’t but should:
1. the best of crowded house
2. smile, by the jayhawks
3. humming, by duncan sheik


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