ciao, chavis.

the oriental chicken wrap at applebee’s is really a superior mid-level restaurant entree. my only recommendation is that they perfect a way to dip the wrap in the mini-ramekin of tangy soy-type sauce without all the chicken goodness falling out. fishing this aforementioned chicken goodness out of the aforementioned ramekin causes an embarrassing dining situation for all involved.

but i am reminded of the superiority of the oriental chicken wrap because pam, our director of programming, took me out to lunch today. we had spent the entire afternoon packing up the chavis heights learning center. communities in schools has decided to shut down the center because they’re bulldozing the public housing community where most of the kids who attended lived. the neighborhood had gotten pretty seedy and rough, so apparently it’s time for some renovation.

as pam and i sifted through the supplies at chavis (and encountered a plethora of hairy and many-eyed members of the insect world), i experienced pang after pang of childhood nostalgia. after spending my afternoon there, i have decided that i would happily digress to me elementary years, when homework involved crayons and your teacher would read to you after lunch, usually from a really good book like the lion, witch, and the wardrobe or something by leo lionni or eric carle. i miss the very hungry caterpillar, yo!

then again there are perks to being an adult, i guess. i get to go grocery shopping by myself. i LOVE grocery shopping by myself. in fact, i’m planning on going tonight, only partially because i need groceries (which i really do, unless i plan on eating half a jar of peanut butter for dinner). i just love the grocery store on friday night, as rin knows.

the big purchase of the evening will be pancake batter. i denied myself of pancake batter last time. never again!

and to close…

three books i think everyone should read (and might actually enjoy, unlike most books i like):
1. a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, by dave eggers
2. atonement, by ian mcewan
3. lolita, by vladimir nabokov (okay, not everyone will enjoy that one, but it’s AMAZING)

three things that will win me over every time:
1. nifty packaging
2. an irish accent
3. being held at gunpoint


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